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League of legends

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This guide will help your decision making on every champion select situation if you are a support lover or an indecisive Marksman who wants a good matchup. I’ve categorized every support for our low elo friends that can’t understand their

RIOT Games has taken the world by storm and has thus strengthened another gaming phenomenon called esports that has in turn become an industry on its own right. One may wonder what is the connection to the sector of Education

It’s finally here: the Franchising of the EULCS. Riot came public with their intentions for one of their most interesting - and also one of their most problematic – regions. Following the model already implemented in the NALCS and LPL,

I know this article is one more common “how to improve” guide that you usually open on random forums or even professional guides. I’ve been working 7 years with individuals trying to accomplice the least of improve and after reading,

When 8.4 patch hit and Time-Warp Tonic (your potions, biscuits and elixirs last 20% longer, and you gain 5% Movement Speed while under their effects) got live, things in the jungle changed for the better. At first, early game Junglers like

Aram defined as “All random All mid”lane is a game mode of League of legends, taking place at a map named “The Howling abyss” which is a single lane 5v5 map with the objective to destroy the enemy nexus. Some

You start the League of Legends game, and you click Play, you choose to play Ranked solo/duo mode, and it's time you got the match alert, you have to say ready to play to be transferred to the Champion Lobby.

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