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Who is not looking forward to the launch of FIFA 19? Even more after the video revealed by EA Games on Saturday (9), giving that wonderful highlight to their new acquisition Champions League of Europe. The date is far too

Earlier this month, there was rumor (Ashton, 2018a) that Schalke 04 (S04) might drop out of League of Legends European Championship Series (EU LCS) at the end of 2018 season. However, on May 30th, S04 Leader Sponsoring Volker Spaetgens told

Form 1958 Tennis for two to nowadays League of Legends and DOTA2, we have to admit that Esports is growing rapidly. It has affected every aspects of our life unconsciously and created a flock of Esports stars. But you may

Education and sports go together in America and many are those, that support that College sports are much more fun to watch than professional sports. College Football (American Football) for example has a huge audience and many are the boosters

The 2018 Asian Games will feature several demonstration eSports, paving the way for competitive gaming to leap towards the Olympic grail. Directly or subtly, you have been part of the debate before: can eSports really be considered a sport? Does it

Fnatic is on of the top esports clubs (it has a collaboration with AS Roma). Fnatic is a club with great history and great future in the esports world.   It is clear that Fnatic is dominating in the esports world, but

Even E-sports has been officially recognized as a sport project, it is still full of controversies. How long does E-sports far away from the wild recognition of the public and from the traditional sports? Current: the co-existence of difficulties and hope On

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